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The Breakaway Crowdfunding Portal connects enterprises seeking growth capital with a community of qualified investors seeking competitive returns. In preparation for your capital raise, we lead a proprietary Crowdfunding Intensive Workshop (CFI) that provides necessary tools to get you “investor ready”.

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Cadillac Bar & Grill

San Francisco, CA

Retail Food & Drink
Convertible Debt

This Opportunity Eligible to Financially Sophisticated
and Accredited Investors Only

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Chasing Rabbits

San Rafael, CA

Energy Drink
Convertible Debt

This Opportunity is Eligible to California Residents Only
Pursuant to California 25102(f) Requirements

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Bar Brazil Boutique

Sonoma County, CA

Retailing & Distribution
Subordinated Debt

This Opportunity Eligible to Financially Sophisticated
and Accredited Investors Only

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e2 Lighting

Hayward, CA

Clean Energy

Coming Soon...

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Breakaway Funding connects growth-ready entrepreneurs with investors seeking alternatives to conventional equity investments. Breakaway provides business owners with the tools, technology and training they need to conduct successful financing campaigns, and investors with the opportunity to invest in ventures they have personal interest in, while receiving a competitive return. Breakaway's SEC-compliant technology portal brings together investors and businesses in an environment where both benefit from Breakaway's due diligence, management transparency policy and post-investment progress updates.

  • Kim Kaselionis Managing Partner

    Kim Kaselionis is the former CEO/Chairman of Circle Bank, where she led the Northern California Community Bank to 53 consecutive profitable quarters and developed the brand from a single-branch bank to one with six locations, managing more than $300 million in total assets. Under the leadership of Ms. Kaselionis, the once near-insolvent bank was sold to Umpqua Bank in late 2012.

    Winner of numerous industry and community awards, Ms. Kaselionis aims to utilize her 20 years of community banking expertise to become the leader in community banking via the facilitation of crowdfunded equity and debt.

    She holds a BS in Accounting from California State University, East Bay and MBA in Business Administration, University of Phoenix.

  • Chris Lee Senior Vice President Business Support Services

    With more than 20 years in community banking, Chris Lee has managed more than $500 million in loans for small and medium-sized businesses. As the former Senior Vice Chief Lending Officer at Circle Bank, he oversaw lending transactions ranging from local and regional to international capital sourcing. Additionally, Mr. Lee served as the Director of Circle's Commercial Real Estate division, which consisted of regional offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Houston and Seattle.

    At Breakaway Funding, Mr. Lee will oversee all aspects of the crowdfunding process, applying his expertise to develop new funding opportunities for growing businesses. Engaging a "think globally, act locally" mindset, Mr. Lee lends unique community banking experience to the Breakaway offering.

    Prior to Breakaway Funding and Circle Bank, Mr. Lee held funding positions with United Commercial Bank and Sumitomo Bank of California. He holds a degree from San Francisco State University.

  • Janice Burney Senior Vice President of Marketing

    Janice Burney is the Breakaway Funding executive responsible for developing and implementing marketing and outreach activities. For more than 15 years Ms. Burney has led teams to open new markets and solve complex business problems, serving in management roles that include sales, marketing, account management, and operations.

    Her experience with agency, enterprise, and start-up environments make her a nimble and creative strategist with the skills to deliver results. With a background in financial services at Hewlett Packard and expertise in digital marketing as VP of Marketing at WebNoggins, Ms. Burney provides unique insights across sales, marketing and social media propelling business to view their funding initiatives in a new light.

    She is a graduate of Penn State University and holds a degree in Economics.

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Crowdfunding utilizes principles that are familiar to banker: businesses are expected to come to the table with a business plan built on reasonable estimates and assumptions, historical cash flow, if available, and management expertise.

When traditional forms of funding are unavailable – through circumstances, timing or regulations – crowdfunding can be a viable option. It increases the availability of capital and can positively impact local businesses, banks, and the community at large.

Crowdfunding is the next step in the funding continuum for banks!

Breakaway Funding is led by a team of successful community bankers who understand how the financial crisis and capital requirements make it difficult to offer loans and funding to many deserving individuals and businesses. Together we can bridge the immediate funding gap for your clients, and spark more economic vitality in your community.

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